Below is a list of several resources for those interested in learning more about stem cell research.

Glossaries of Stem Cell-Related Terminology

  • The National Institutes of Health
  • International Society for Stem Cell Research
  • MacroPore Biosurgery Online

Online Journals

  • Physiological Genomics
  • United Nations University Press
  • MEDLINEplus Consumer Health Database
  • BioOne

Software Tools

  • PaGE: a free downloadable Perl software (tested mainly on Unix systems) which can be used as a statistical test for differentially expressed genes between two experimental conditions, given replicated experiments. These lists are generated using the False Discovery Rate method of controlling the false positives.
  • TESS: a web tool for predicting transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences. It can identify binding sites using site or consensus strings and positional weight matrices from the TRANSFAC, IMD, and CBIL-GibbsMat database.
  • SVMtm: this program uses SVM machine-learning to predict the presence of transmembrane domains in full length open reading frames.
  • MoSearch: This web tool is to search the membrane topology predictions for the human and mouse proteomes, based on the pipeline described in Kanapin et al, 2003). Predictions can be accessed using accession numbers or BLAST analysis for all mouse RIKEN RPS, IPI and human IPI full length ORFs.