Welcome to Stem Cell Genome Anatomy Projects (SCGAP).

Since the complexities of adult stem cells are not fully understood, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, under the National Institutes of Health, has established the Stem Cell Genome Anatomy Projects (SCGAP), a collection of researchers studying stem cells from blood, bone, kidney, gut, liver, prostate, and bladder cells. SCGAP's aim is to develop better ways of identifying adult stem and progenitor cells and to recognize patterns of gene activity in these types of cells.

The Importance of Stem Cell Research

Stem cells, found in all multicellular organisms, are special because of a quality called "potency." Potency refers to the ability of stem cells to continuously produce daughter cells. They divide repeatedly to produce a large number of cells that can function as different cell-types in the body. This unique property of stem cells suggests limitless potential in various biomedical applications. However, cellular signaling, which governs the fate of stem cells, remains poorly understood in this dynamic area of stem cell research.

The Application of Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells have been celebrated for their ability to treat a variety of disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, diabetes, and spinal cord injury because of their ability to replace (otherwise irreversibly) damaged tissue. Stem cell researchers are optimistic that cosmetic surgery would benefit from stem cell generated natural implants as well. For those in need of plastic surgery or breast augmentation after losing tissue to cancer or other diseases, stem cell natural implants are a promising option because they do not shrink or lose their shape. As a reputable La Jolla Plastic Surgeon knows, natural cosmetic surgery does not interfere with breast cancer detection on mammograms.

An All-Natural Allergy Relief Solution

In the area of 'changing lives in a healthier way', development of the antihistamine (histamine antagonist) has to be one of the breakthroughs of the past century; antihistamines are drugs used to relieve allergy symptoms, from which hundreds of millions suffer. Histamine is a natural, organic compound found in the human body. It is released when the body senses the presence of an outside invader such as dust, pollen, pet dander and certain foods.

The body tries to combat the invader by releasing histamine, which is the cause of typical allergic reaction symptoms such as swelling, sneezing, rashes, difficulty breathing, etc. An antihistamine, first developed in the early 1940s and popular ever since, 'antagonizes' the release of histamine, thereby preventing symptoms from occurring. For allergy sufferers, the discovery was a Godsend, allowing for great relief and the ability to live life unencumbered by unpleasant allergic reactions.

Research Reveals Connection Between Diabetes & Bad Breath

You may be surprised to learn that diabetes and bad breath go hand-in-hand with one another. Bad breath is produced through a process known as diabetic ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis occurs when the body is low on insulin and starts breaking down body fat as an energy source instead.

The metabolized fat is then taken up by the bloodstream, causing the blood to become more acidic than the surrounding body tissues. The body then works to expel the resulting acid as acetone via the lungs. Acetone creates bad breath that smells unpleasantly pungent and fruity. The acetone also creates a metallic taste in the mouth, making for an overall unpleasant experience.

Fortunately, ketoacidosis is not a permanent state that diabetics have to live with. The problem is solved by increasing water intake to counteract dehydration and taking insulin to raise blood glucose levels.

How Accurate Is Information Presented In Television Medical Dramas?

In those reality-style medical shows, there is a lot of information given in the scenes that mimic real life. Medical consultants are often sought after for those shows so as to make them as real as possible. Shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs do this very well, keeping viewers intrigued week after week.

But is all of that acting for entertainment purposes only? Absolutely not! While the shows do a fantastic job of bringing out our inner-doctor, they're also effective at conveying messages and inspiring us in many other ways.

One topic area that is getting a lot of medical and entertainment attention is stem cell research. Large foundations have established research teams to study stem cells from various areas of the body including the prostate, liver, kidneys and the bladder. It's a very controversial topic, but also one that has proven to be beneficial, providing long and short-term solutions to many health conditions.

On the show, the Grey's Anatomy scrubs teams can be found discussing pros/cons and overall effect of stem cell utilization on patients. The material that they use on the show is often real-life situations being brought to the forefront of the public. Not only is this cleverly done, but provides the general population with crucial information about a developing concept. Stem cell research foundations target finding better ways to discover and utilize gene activity in cells and ways to harness that power to work in other body organs.

A Natural Approach To Wrinkles And Other Blemishes With La Mer Cream

In today's society, beauty is everything. There are a lot of companies spending millions of dollars in research to try and figure out how to make the skin look young again. One of the ways that this is happening is through stem cell research that actually helps to trigger the production of collagen within the skin once again. However, these can be very expensive. A better solution is La Mer cream.

This cream is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes scars and even strengthen and nourish eyelashes. The formula was created about 35 years ago by Max Huber. It acts as a moisturizer, a blemish remover, an anti-aging serum and much more. One of the primary advantages to La Mer cream is that it is all natural, as the name insinuates, it is "of the sea."

Vitamins C, D, E and B12 are packed in along with sea kelp, alfalfa, wheat germ and even sunflowers. The skin cream can be used on anyone's skin, especially dry skin, which is almost unheard of in the beauty industry because many of the creams that help with scars and blemishes are known to have a drying effect on the skin's finish. Thousands of users have discovered the benefits of La Mer cream and continue to use this high-end cream to attack their aging problems head on and hold onto their outer beauty longer.

Using EKG readings correlated with stem cell research to fight cardiovascular disease

One out of three Americans (Estimated 81 million) have some form of cardiovascular disease. The researchers at SCGAP have begun a study that looks to corelate the factors that cause this devastating disease using stem cell technology. The study will look for correlation factors between people who are at risk for cardiovascular disease, heredity, genes as well as high level data collected in multiple stress test EKG results. As part of this study, grants as well as additional resources have been donated by several different suppliers and manufacturers. We would like to thank EKG Machines For Sale.com for their donation of three EKG machines to help us with this study.

Effective Ways To Increase Pheromone Levels

There is a chemical in animals and humans that triggers a reaction in the opposite sex of the same species. This powerful chemical is called a pheromone. It comes in many varieties: alarm, food trail and sex pheromones, for example. The study of pheromones began in the 1950s and continues to this day.

In human cases, members of the opposite sex are attracted to each other by olfactory cues. Because of this, there are now a variety of pheromone-pumped perfumes and sprays available for both men and women. These products promise to please, all because of the chemical pheromones they carry.

There are even natural ways to induce better pheromone output in humans, including taking supplements such as zinc and herbs. Being healthy, rested and fit are also keys to increasing pheromone levels. Since there are also pheromones on your skin, sweating helps spread the chemical evenly on your body.

Weight Loss Advice From The Experts

Starting a weight loss regimen requires dedication and determination. Reaching the goal is akin to a journey. It is one that comes with setbacks and advances when least expected.

There are no sure fire ways to lose weight fast, but there are quick weight loss tips that can give a short boost:

- Short term calorie reduction. Eat less calories for a few days in a row to jump start the metabolism.
- Avoid quick weight loss diets. They slow down your metabolism, causing weight to stay on the body.
- Stay as active as possible. Get out of your chair and walk around your environment a few minutes of every hour.
- Stick to a regular exercise routine.

These are just a few of the many weight loss tips that you can use safely. Stay away from fads and lose weight the old fashioned way: safely.